No More

PEAR offers hundreds of workouts for any fitness level. Whether you’re a triathlete or you just need help getting off the couch, there’s something for you. Choose from running, cycling, strength, TRX, yoga, elliptical, and so much more!

Say goodbye
to siri

Get personal training from REAL coaches. No more robot voices! Break a sweat while an Olympian or World Champion guides you through each workout. Find the right coach for you. There’s a personality for everyone!

Your body
knows best

Every body is different, so why should we all work out the same? PEAR’s intuitive technology tracks your body’s performance and adjusts your workouts accordingly. We’ll make sure you train smarter, not harder.

The perfect combination

Your PEAR+ Membership and the TICKR X work hand-in-hand to create a custom workout experience. Now users can experience Wahoo-specific workouts on the PEAR platform while electronically counting repetitions and monitoring heart rate. It’s the best of both worlds! 



The perfect solution to get fit fast.


€ 99,99

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