Sfide mensili

Le sfide mensili sono pensate per fissare piccoli obiettivi raggiungibili, per darti la spinta giusta per iniziare, sia in sella che senza bicicletta.

October - Time to bring it indoors!

Technique & Drills

days left!

Backed by Sports Science, these five Wahoo SYSTM workouts enhance neuromuscular coordination, boost high-intensity efforts, and optimize core engagement and body position.

Whether your goal is improved cycling or gearing up for 2024, these sessions are a must-try. Plus, with the new KICKR MOVE, you'll experience the freedom to pedal like you're outdoors.

Get ready for the best indoor season yet!

Elements of style


Cadence Builds


Cadence Drills


Standing starts


Core & Hip Mobility


Training Plan available

We also created a training plan for you this month with all workouts on Mondays for the weeks of October.

Looking for more information? Learn more in our Help Center.

New Feature

Indoor, Outdoor, Virtually. Take your pick

Complete 4DP® Structured workouts from Wahoo SYSTM in Wahoo RGT. Workout where you want - now you can scroll through the entire library of structured cycling workouts from Wahoo SYSTM and ride them in the virtual worlds of RGT.

Completing 4DP® workouts in RGT does not count towards badge completion in SYSTM at this time.

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